Prevention and Youth Services

People are five times more likely to develop an addiction if they start using drugs before age 15. That’s why our Prevention and Youth Services division provides alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention services with the goal of delaying, reducing and stopping substance use and abuse among Saginaw County youth.

We are the federally required and dedicated Youth Tobacco Representative, testing vendors for federal compliance. We also provide home-based parenting and early childhood education.


Prevention programs, presented by our credentialed staff, are age specific and developmentally appropriate.

We believe in a multi-faceted approach to prevention, reaching more than 8,000 students and community members annually.

Drug and Life Skills Education

Youth learn the risks of drug use along with practical life skills like communication, goal setting, resolving conflicts, stress management, dealing with peer pressure, building positive relationships, managing emotions and dealing with bullying

  • Services throughout the community: schools agencies, at our site
  • Community education: fairs, events, group presentations
  • Working with coalitions to keep kids drug free: using data to meet local needs and building a healthy community
  • Special classes for youth referred from schools, juvenile court, parents: at school or school events, including anger management

Parent Education

  • Supporting and educating parents
  • Reinforcing strong family bonds as a deterrent to substance use
  • Home based

Youth and Tobacco Education

  • Tobacco Act compliance testing
  • Educating retailers on not selling to minors
  • Designated program for Saginaw County – federally required state-wide testing

Licensed by Michigan Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs

Prevention & Youth Services

2806 Davenport, Saginaw
(989) 755-0937

2019 Report Reveals Youth and Parent Perspectives on Access to and Use of Drugs in Saginaw County

The Youth Protection Council is a lead coordinating member of the Saginaw County Prevention Coalition. The Coalition works to deter youth substance abuse and promote wellness. The Coalition conducted a number of focus groups with youth and parents to gain perspective on youth access to and use of drugs.

  • 89% of youth under the age of 21 said marijuana was easy to access
  • 86% of youth under the age of 21 said alcohol was easy to access
  • 80% of youth under the age of 21 said prescription drugs were easy to access

While the adults indicated:

  • 91% said marijuana was easy for youth to access
  • 79% said alcohol was easy for youth to access
  • 28% said prescription drugs were easy for youth to access